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Dear Clients and Clients,

Dear Teammates,


We are happy to announce that we have obtained our second Ecotable macaron!

Yet the result of a fusion cuisine between two countries that almost 10,000 kilometers separate, Sola is committed, for nearly five years on an eco-responsible path.

It is thanks to his cuisine that respects the Ingredient that our chef, Kosuke Nabeta, is today the first Japanese starred chef to obtain this award in France.

The design of a kitchen using the products in their entirety is the very essence of his philosophy.

Our long-term approach is sincere and makes it a point of honor to choose the best products, from respectful and, above all, local production. A real challenge for Japanese cuisine…

Ecotable accompanies us on this path towards the second badge, which will highlight, among other things, our concern for the well-being of our teams.

Products and people are at the heart of our concerns. 

Without them we can not do anything. 

Thank you for your precious loyalty that we make it a point of honor to preserve.

The story of our restaurant is unique, we look forward to continuing to write it with you. 

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