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With Kosuke it is not about hurrying, but rather taking the time to understand what it is all about, learning from experience, in order to grow step by step as a person. This is the way he is building himself as a chef, and meanwhile as a ceramist.


In his mind, those two disciplines are intimately connected, in the creation process as well as considering their usefulness toward each other. This is the approach that offers Sola’s customers such a sensory experience. With his ceramics, he brings to light his native country’s influence along with his past experiences.


He likes to remind us the power of manual work on the well being as well as the creative power of our two hands. The idea is to always come back to the basis to create a course or even an object. Nothing is lost, everything is recoverable. It is with this state of mind that he names his tasting menu « RE ». It’s a reference to the prefix that inspires him an element, an item with many lives, many purposes. Kind of a virtuous circle that builds his philosophy, even his whole lifestyle.

He thus begins to recover various elements of his cuisine to integrate them into his ceramics. The visits he made to winegrowers during team travels gave him a real inspiration to recover the earth from their vineyards and give it a second life through his ceramics. Each interaction, each product is a source of creation.


He develops himself as a true artist and craftsman. His approach to ceramics and cooking, among other things, shows a great sense of wisdom. A respect towards the products, the producers and the work accomplished.


Creating a container by its content and to associate them in one and same dish, that appears here as an evidence and a signature of his own philosophy.

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